Day 67

I've been absolutely terrible at posting updates. I will attempt to cover some of the highlights over the last month or so:

One of the biggest events in living out of my truck has been the leaking pee bottle. I had to use a gatorade bottle at many points during this adventure so I didn't have to go to work or some other public restroom in the middle of the night. Well one of those numerous times I did not screw the cap back on the bottle correctly, and of course I was running late so I forgot it in the back when I arrived at work. Well when I went to get my shorts out of the back of the truck for my after work run, I was greated by the smell of overwhelmingly hot piss. It had leaked. All of it. At first I didn't even know what to do, so I consulted google on the matter. A few sources indicated that wintergreen alcohol would not only sterlize the disaster site, but remove the smell as well. So with two bottles in hand I defeatedly dragged myself into the back and dumped one entire bottle on the 'wet area'. I rubbed it in with my hands and covered as much area as I could until I could no longer stand the alcohol's noxious fumes. Because of those fumes I had to stay at work for 2 nights. Luckily after two nights, only a slight wintergreen smell remained. Today there is no smell, wintergreen or otherwise.

I have found that getting out of the truck in the morning can prove to be fairly difficult. Sometimes I get as I call it 'pinned down', where there are too many people near my truck to slide through to the front (I'm still trying to be stealthy about this whole operation).

If I don't get up too early on the weekends, I usually get fried until I wake up. No really, I'll wake up and it will be over 100 degrees in the back of the truck. It's one of the worst ways to wake up.

Just recently I bought some vinyl to cover the removable cap window towards the cab. It allows me to be on my computer, read my kindle, or just use any light source more freely without the fear of someone seeing me in the back. This is a huge deal for me as I like to read a bit before bed, and sometimes I just have things to finish on the computer that I could not get done because the coffee shop I was at was closing.

1 Month

Today is the 30th night as a homeless man. So many things to cover as I have been negligent in posting regularly. I will cover the challenges I have faced in the next few posts. That is all for now, I'm heading to bed.