About Me

me I fell in love with computers and well, all electronics at a very young age. When I was just 10 years old, I played Jazz the Jackrabbit on an old Windows 95 machine. Since the game was launched from a DOS prompt, I was exposed to a terminal to the first time. Since then my passion for computers, fueled by curiousity, has lead me to explore many areas in computing and earn a Applied Networking and Systems Administration degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). I have held many different computer related positions from running my own computer repair business to a Network Engineer at Xerox to a NOC engineer at LinkedIn. It was always my dream to work for Cisco Systems in High School. After completing an internship with them, I set my goals even higher, yet I hadn't defined what that "higher" was. My senior year at RIT, I was contacted by LinkedIn, and ultimately offered a position as a NOC engineer at their headquarters in Mountain View California. A tech guy offered a position in Silicon Valley? What a no-brainer! Since then it has been nothing short of a dream. I am eager to see where I take myself in the years to come.

About this Blog

I created this blog from scratch using HTML, CSS and some Javascript. It was through this project I was introduced to GIT and GitHub. Initially it started as a result of not having a good solution to centrally stash, and review my projects, collections of seemingly random technical information, and translate my thoughts into textual records. That being said, I welcome anyone who finds use for this information to freely do so, and leave any questions, or comments so I may improve upon it.